Stone Work

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Traditional Roofing and Building provides a comprehensive stone restoration service that includes:

Restoration of Mortar – there are many types of mortar but no matter which type is used to hold brickwork together, it needs to be maintained so that the weather does not penetrate the structure of the property.

Natural Stone Indents – many older, traditional style properties may be constructed from stone, pieces of which may be damaged. Removing this block may cause structural damage and so indenting is a form of repair. A piece of stone will be laid or pieced into place, held securely that building is not compromised. Clearly, this means that local stone must be sourced and used to maintain the integrity of the building.


stone work

Mullion & Lintels – these two components in a building can be found around the window. The mullion is the vertical element found between the window and doors etc. and can be a decorative piece too. Lintels are the horizontal elements above the window and the mullion will provide the anchor point for this piece. Clearly, with weather and climate, these two structures can erode or discolour and can make a property looked tired. Repairing or renewing these elements are give a building an also most instant facelift.

Cornice & Detailed Work – Cornices along with other forms of detailed work, are pieces of architecturally designed pieces on the outside of a building that creates the character as well as its heritage. Over time, the weather and air borne chemicals erode these surfaces with the once fine, details of the patterns being chiseled away. Restoring these details can bring a building back to life.

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